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We offer Free Tour Cartagena

Understand and learn about the origins of the so-called "jewel of the crown of the coast". Relive the battles and victories of Europeans, the empowerment and influence of Afro cultures, explore the narrow and colorful colonial streets and enjoy the typical cuisine of our beautiful city.
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Enjoy A great sensory experience with this American trilogy, the spices of tobacco, the bitterness of chocolate and the sweetness of rum.


Tasting Pre-Columbian flavors, a tour with the indigenous ancestors around manioc or cassava from their salty preparations to sweet accompanied by cold coffee.


Delight yourself with the exotic fruits of Cartagena. Know the native flavors of our region; papaya, mamey and more.

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Hostel Amenities

Wifi - Room coverage
Permanent air conditioning
Semi-orthopedic mattress
Free water with ozonizer
TV room
Soap free check-in
Laundry service with cost
It includes breakfast
Phone calls
Shared kitchen
Security cameras
Pets prohibited
Baggage storage with cost
Towel and sheets free
Pass-through printing









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HOSTEL CASA ROMAN supports and complies with the laws 679 of 2001 (Art. 16, 17 and 19), 1336 of 2009, Law 599 of 2000 and Resolution 3840 of 2009 which aim to dictate measures of protection against exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse against children and adolescents.


HOSTEL CASA ROMAN  protects the flora and fauna of our region and our country for this reason does not motivate or invite the purchase of products made with plants or animals in danger of extinction; likewise it does not invite to carry out practices that attempt against the fauna and flora of our country in compliance with Law 1333 of 2009.

HOSTEL CASA ROMAN Does not support the illegal trade of cultural goods, we respect and promote the conservation of our culture, in accordance with the law 63 of 1986 for the prevention of illegal traffic the cultural property of the country and the law 1185 of 2008 that seeks the safeguard , protection, sustainability, disclosure and encouragement for the assets of the nation’s cultural heritage.

National Tourism Registry: 50699